Paw-Paw Trees

We acquired two Paw Paw trees from One Green World last spring, along with an Oregon Grape.  The paw-paws need two trees to produce fruit so we bought two of them.  They were both about a foot high, once I’d planted them.  The first one grew several leaves fairly quickly, but the second one never did.  I called OGW a number of times to keep them abreast of its progress. They asked me to give it a “scratch” test.  This consisted of scratching the bark to see if the tree was alive and green beneath.  It continued to be green but it never produced any leaves.  By fall, I’d given up on it.  They agreed to send me another come this spring.  I’ll give them a quick call next week.  In the meantime, I’m hoping that other one will start to bud.  The cherry, apple and peach trees have started to bud but perhaps the Paw-Paw is a later budder!  I’ll find out.  We chose the Paw Paw for its custard like, highly proteinous, sweet fruit.

April 2012 – We went by One Green World last weekend and picked up our replacement Paw-Paw Tree.  They gave us one which was quite a bit bigger than last year’s.  I’ve planted it, so I’m hoping for the best.  Both Paw-Paws look like they have the beginning of buds on them.


About Jim Oliver

Graduate of Western Conservative Baptist Seminary with a Masters in Exegetical Theology and former pastor of Teleios Bible Church Recently Published: Abiding by the Sermon on the Mount - A Dispensational Approach to Interpretation and Application. Available through Kindle Stores. E-Mail Contact:
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